A3 Poster of the Time4Change Birmingham Churches Charter.


1. We acknowledge the issue of racial injustice.

2. We commit to challenge racism.

3. We commit to an honest and open look at ourselves.

4. We will pray over the issue of racial injustice and disunity, and for a deep healing in our city.

5. We will repent and/or forgive –  where there is hurt or wrongs committed.

6. We will engage in conversations - creating the spaces for open, honest and frank dialogue. 

7. We commit to relationship building - modelling strong relationships across Churches.

8. We will bridge the knowledge gap, building a shared understanding of what it is like to be black, or of another ethnicity in society today.

9. We aim for truth, reconciliation and healing acknowledging the hurts of the past and hopes for the future.

10. We will advocate; using our influence to speak up for racial equality and equity. 

11. We will build and strengthen representative leadership in our churches and organisations. 

12. We will take practical action, to equip the church to strengthen unity and collaboration, and engage the wider community.

13. We will equip the church with material on theology, and key principles around justice, equity and equality - all centred on Jesus, rooted firmly in the word of God and inspired by the Spirit.

14. We will communicate and dialogue regularly and clearly in order to inspire Christians engaged in all walks of life to be champions for equity, equality and builders of unity.

15. We commit to being a welcoming city, where all peoples, whatever their background or ethnicity see that God’s people always provide a home, a community and a generous welcome. 


Charter Poster A3